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> 3/14/19: The official program guide for the GONG SUMMIT is now available to view online. This guide will be updated right up to the Gong Summit, and will serve as a scrapbook of the event after as well. Facebook, Instagram, and now Yudu, serve as portals to the Gong Summit. You and your friends can track nearly in realtime to this unique event. To review the beta of the Guide, click HERE

> 2/25/19: INFO about the Sanj Hall Master Class @ the Gong Summit: “Gong in a Suitcase - Reaching many hearts and homes” - Sanj will go into the realms of one of his early influences from Vedas, Upnishads, Vedic astrology and Ayurveda - being one with one’s own natural tuning or Prakriti and becoming a gong, reaching the inner silence. He will also share his new projects with Indian classical music called “NIshabd” and “Nirakar” (formless) for gongs dance movement (gong natyam). He will also briefly touch upon paradigms on gong history as gong rocks, ringing stones, lithophone’s to musical pillars from ancient temples, caves and chamber/mausoleum. Role of wood, logs and bamboo in many African, Maori and other traditions in this context.

Sanj is also going to bring attention on need of integration of various scientific sound, vibrations and acoustic practices, that are not part of healing or therapy methodology nonetheless, deeply influence gong sonic energy. His workshop will specially going to focus on using only hand held gongs and smaller sized instruments for “gong in a suitcase” experience to be a traveling gong player to reach out to many hearts and homes. He will end his workshop with a gong bath using only these instruments. Facebook Page

> 2/22/19: INFO about the Mitch Nur, PhD Master Class @ the Gong Summit: "My Master Class “From the White Crystal King to the Heart Space of the Gong” will cover many aspects of Gong Culture and Craft. Many who are familiar with my work, know that I conduct extensive research on the instruments I play. I’ve been playing and performing on Gongs for nearly 5 decades, and teaching for nearly 4. I’m going to bring 2 power points with my latest findings on Gong culture. There is a certain Craft to Gong play, I’ll demonstrate for everyone how I have a handshake with this instrument, and demo on some of my favorite Gongs." Website

> 2/21/19: We are pleased to announce that Grotta Sonora the artistic team of Madhava Carrara and Margherita Cioffi of Italy will be participating in the Gong Summit. Website

> 2/20/19: INFO about the Crown of Eternity Master Class @ the Gong Summit: "Gong: An Embodiment of the Web of Life - Energetic Effects of the Gong and the 5 Elements, Creativity & Structure." Cultivate a way of being in relationship to all sounds in the human experience through listening, personal inquiry, reflection and exploration. Develop a relationship with your gong and other instruments that expresses, attunes, and expands one’s intuitive understanding of the energetic and therapeutic effects of sound and the elemental forces of nature. Build confidence, technique, and creativity as a player to make conscious aesthetic choices about structure, dynamics, touch, tone color, emotion, instrument choices and articulation of one’s overtone palette. Express your presence through the gong in a way that embodies the power of sound to connect, align and harmonize the human body and consciousness to the web of all life. Website

> 2/17/19: INFO about the Sheila Whittaker Master Class: From Sheila, “I’ll talk about gongs from the viewpoint of Sound Healing. The nature of the gong sound and its effects, how we use them in one-to-one sessions - I'll give examples of several different scenarios for treating individuals. I'll also talk about giving gongbaths to people in groups, and ways to maximize the group gongbath experience, depending on space, size of venue and group etc. And I'd like to finish with a group gongbath session to illustrate experientially how the gongs work in a Sound Healing context.” Website

> 2/16/19: We are pleased to announce that Owen James and Jeff Nickell co-founders of The Conduit Center will be joining the Gong Summit. Website

> 2/15/19: INFO about the Michael Bettine Master Class: "Arcs of Time" - Time. Everyone seems to know of it, but does anyone really understand it? As a drummer for the past 50 years, my assignment has always been to provide the ‘time’ for the rest of the musicians. To give a sense of propulsion to the music. This ‘time’ was a very mathematical type, with things chopped up into small increments, then assembled into a logical stream made up of these smaller parts. But I always felt this to be very restrictive, with little freedom to move away from rigid 'time.' When I finally abandoned playing in bands, I was free to explore what ‘time’ really meant. And it took me years to unlearn my time sense as a drummer in order to ultimately free myself from ‘time.’

This master class looks at how we relate to time, specifically how we relate to ‘clock time.’ What interests me more now is ‘waves of energy,’ instead of the restriction of ‘time.’ I want to step out of our normal sense of ‘time’ and demonstrate how to expand it, how to feel longer time arcs that expand us, and how to use the gongs to bring us into a sense of ‘no-time.’ Gongs/bowls/bells are the perfect instruments to help free us from being locked into ‘time.’

But it’s a bit of a paradox here isn’t it, as I will talk about ‘time,’ when there really is no ‘time.’ Michael Bettine's website - Facebook Group

> 2/14/19: We are pleased to announce that David Zach-Shemsh will be a panelist at the Gong Summit. He and his partner Elian, founded New York City’s WOOM CENTER, the first multi- sensory yoga and meditation studio. David is currently fully invested in research and practicum of utilizing sound and breath as a vehicle for self-realization. A deep spiritual foundation has guided him to pilgrimage in Nepal and Tibet, and to create business opportunities to directly serve the community. His background and life studies enhance the diversity that the Gong Summit’s panel discussions will take. WOOM website.

> 2/13/19: INFO about the Jens Zygar Master Class: Jens will cover the basics of the Cosmic Octave, origin of the order of frequencies for the nature and the history of the planetary gongs. Further, he would like to discuss the principles of Integral Sound Work; the perspective of cosmic sound music for one`s own evolution, understanding the beginning of physiological gong playing and body resonance awareness along with synchronization with the pulse of life as the way of intuitive and inspired guidance for any gong performer, sound therapist, gong musician. He will share his visions of a non-verbal meta communication; awareness and mindfulness in contemporary gong culture; the importance of language and personal integrity for any gong teacher; introduction of the term "audionics" as the science of sounds Website and Facebook.

> 2/12/19: We want to 'thank' Steve Weiss Music for lending material support to this year's Gong Summit. Attendee's will find large bronze Gongs that SWM is bringing to the Summit. These Gongs are commissioned, and will give everyone a chance to explore the world of 'big gongs'. Steve Weiss Music website. It's only fitting that the USA's longest tenured Gong 'shop' shares space with the USA's oldest Gong making family, and the longest tenured Gong instructors. Bringing together these elements has been a major undertaking of the Organizing Committee. Every moment of this event is a clinic, whether your in a Master Class or not. Everyone is encouraged to engage in Gong discussion at breaks, meals, and walks. This opportunity of being submerged in Gong Culture should not be missed by anyone engaged with this instrument in any way.

> 2/11/19: We are pleased to announce that Don Conreaux will be joining us. More about this HERE.

> 2/11/19: Commuter Passes are now available, please email for the link.

>2/8/19: The next round of presenters are confirmed for the Gong Summit, and will be announced next week. There are surprises, couple this with the announcement of the Master Class content, and we'll be reaching the peak for this year's event.

> 2/7/19: Commuter Tickets will soon be available. If you are interested in a Commuter Ticket please email -

> 2/5/19: We are pleased to announce that Val Bertoia has accepted our invitation to the Gong Summit. Legendary in his own right, he is the son of the great sculpture artist Harry Bertoia and the creator of Sonambient, ‘sound with sculpture’. Val has carried on with the tradition of America’s oldest Gong Making Family by continuing in the creation of Sonambient pieces and unique Gong’s as well. It is with great honor that we welcome Val Bertoia. LINK.

> 2/3/19: We are pleased to announce that Gongmaker Ryan Shelledy has been added to our program. Learn more about Ryan Here.

> 2/2/19: We are pleased to announce that Gongmaker Shawn Aceto has been added to our program. Learn more about Shawn Here.

> 2/1/19: We are pleased to announce that Wendy Young will participate on our Ethics panel. She has music degrees from New York University and the New England Conservatory of Music. Wendy has been studying, teaching, and practicing the healing effects of sound, music, and vibration for over 30 years, and has worked with many of the leaders in the field. Facebook Group

>1/31/19: We are pleased to announce that Sher Levesque has been added to the Gong Summit. She will be facilitating an early morning session. Sher draws from her extensive studies & certifications in yoga, Ayurveda, music/sound work, crystal therapy and other energetic modalities. Facebook Group

> 1/30/19: We are pleased to announce that Gail Jackson has been added to the Gong Summit. She will be facilitating an early morning session. Gail is a Percussionist, Sound Practitioner/Artist and Accredited Drum Circle Facilitator from Anchorage, Alaska. More About Gail.

> 1/29/19: Elian Zach-Shemesh has been added to our women's panel , and will lead an early morning Yoga/Gong session. The Gong Summit will address the role women are playing in Gong Culture. All early morning Yoga sessions are being led by women. Sheila Whittaker, our guest from the UK will present her Master Class that day. Later the same day, a panel roundtable of women will discuss the role women are playing at this time in Gong history. Facebook Group

> 1/28/19: Thomas Orr Anderson will be the moderator for this conference, more about Thomas can be found on the Gong Summit Facebook Group