A Global Perspective

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This assembly, will feature Master Classes with both international and national presenters, who are educating and performing on many levels; both driving and shaping today's Gong Culture. Each Master Class is unique to the personality of the presenter. These blocks of time, are meant as a way to understand their inner views with the Gong, and to provide a 'handshake' moment, where an outreach of understanding can be preserved.

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Percussionist Michael Bettine has been performing and recording for over 40 years. Along the way, he has performed in a wide variety of musical styles, including rock, jazz, country, pop, symphonic, marching, and contemporary classical.

Since 2001, he has worked under the name GONGTOPIA, presenting both solo percussion performances and Gong Meditation Sessions. He has released over 60 recordings under his name.

Michael has...

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Sanj Hall is a traveling gong yogi, sound artist and a gong teacher, who has taken the divine order to spread the positive vibrations of gongs and holistic resonance to the world. He has been conducting gong baths, meditative concerts, therapy sessions, gong and sound healing workshops in over 80 countries across Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America. He also performs meditative “free spiritual jazz” concerts worldwide both as a solo...

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Mitch has spent nearly 5 decades as a Sacred Sound Researcher, Archaeomusicologist, Explorer, and Teacher. An authority on Sacred Sound instruments and applications as it pertains to ritual, ceremony, sound therapies, shamanic healing, meditation, and personal transformation. Referred to as the 'Indiana Jones of Sound Healing' by many of his colleagues, he is a member of the Society for Ethnomusicology. He teaches an annual Gong Camp every...



Jens Zygar began his exploration of sound as a guitarist in the Hamburg based -Neue-Deutsche-Welle- Band 'Große Freiheit' before moving to Hamburg, Jens music and sound experiences were diverse. He grew up in Liberia and later moved to the North Sea coast of Germany to attend a boarding school which gave him a multicultural perspective on musical language. Also influenced by the Swiss author and scientist Hans Cousto, who introduced him to...

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He has spent his life serving people through vibration, sound, music, and energy healing. Through his extensive international tours with concerts, workshops, therapy sessions, and retreats he has helped thousands of people connect to their life energy and to self healing. Performances include Sat Nam Fest, Bhakti Fest, the Kripalu Center, and hundreds of yoga studios and wellness centers throughout North America. Training the budding sound...


Great Britain

Sheila is a Sound Healer, Musician & Teacher with a background in classical music. As a professional violinist, having studied at the Royal College of Music, she had a thriving career in the mainstream classical music world for many years, both playing & teaching. Over 20 years ago she became a Sound Healer, obeying the call to use her musical abilities in a more focused Holistic way. During the last 15 years she has specialised in...